About Us

Astrea Learning, Leadership and Development Strategy

The core purpose of the Astrea Learning, Leadership and Development Strategy is to support our commitment to translate our core values into practice in every school:

  • Responsibility and leadership
  • Enjoyment and innovation
  • Aspiration and development
  • Collaboration and inclusion
  • Honesty and integrity
Learning and leadership development in Astrea is designed to support the achievement of the key characteristics of developing highly effective MATs:

  • A relentless focus on the quality of learning
  • Clear governance structures
  • Expert governance
  • Talent management and professional development for all Trust functions
  • An effective operating model
  • Capacity and affordability built through economies of scale
The programme is focussed on developing the future potential of all participants, whilst also enhancing their immediate practice to make a direct impact in their current school.
In particular, the programme has been designed to develop confidence in all areas of Astrea school improvement and to ensure all colleagues understand and attain the Astrea Standard of Excellence.
A key principle of the programme is to see leadership and learning as collective capacity rather than personal status and to emphasise the importance of collaborative working across the Trust.
If there is any element of professional development or learning which is not represented here please do let your Principal or line manager know so we can respond to need.
Investment in ourselves as professional learners is our most important commitment and ensures we are all dedicated to Astrea as a learning organisation
Libby Nicholas
CEO Astrea Academy Trust